Be Careful For What You Wish For


Following the premise in “New Thought” methodology that thoughts become things then it must follow that “things” or “happenings” that a person doesn’t want will surely “manifest” if too much thought is given to them and then that same person “allows” them into physical existence. In other words too much conscious or unconscious thought directed at the outcome you don’t want will bring that unwanted outcome into existence.

Since quantum physics in simple terms states that all outcomes exist simultaneously until the final outcome collapses into the one reality through the process of the observer then the evidence of such an occurrence can be quite a revelation.

If you don’t believe in the law of attraction etc. then of course you’re going to refute any claim of manifestation that anyone may claim to have happened to them. Since I personally started delving deeper into this new thinking I have noticed first hand that I have been able to manifest things. I just didn’t expect to manifest a leaking soil pipe.

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